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(Pics) Catalina Island, CA - Formation Flight 2016 02 07

Before the Super Bowl last Sunday, 5x pilots met us on Catalina Island for a perfect day of Formation Flying and Pilot Portraits Photography.

The group consisted of SoCal based Bonanzas, as well as a Piper Comanche from Arizona that flew over to meet us in the air.

Click link here for the Full-Screen Gallery of All Images

- Phillip (P.S. Check the shot of the 2x whales hanging out beneath the photo ship!)

(Pics/Video) Formation Club - Hudson Valley, NY - 20151206

Our formation club met again yesterday, for some Hudson Valley FF training and photos/videos.

A great group of pilots, and our trusty Lady Whiskey (PA28-180) was the lead ship + photo plane. 120k was no problem for the Bonanzas to fly clean, with the gears and flaps up, and everyone was on point.

Lots of pictures here in a big slideshow gallery. Click link below.

Enjoy new Video below



(Pics/Video) Sun n Fun 2015 - Lakeland, FL

This year marks our first flying down for Sun n Fun (April 21-26, 2015) and we had a great trip. The arrival procedure, landing and activity during the show is truly a fantastic experience! I recommend any 1st timers to make the trek, fly-in, and visit the show.

The airshow runs daily 2-5pm from the various aerobatic teams, and demonstrate stand-out performances. Aeroshell, Breitling and the Thunderbirds amazed all that were able to witness their performances first hand.

Check below for a handful of images, animations and video grabs from this year's Sun n Fun performances.

Click the link here for our sister photo-site to see more images in a full resolution gallery.

(Pics) Aerial Pics of Piper Chieftain -- Florida

During Sun n Fun last week, we took some Aerial photos of a nice looking Piper Chieftain over Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades in Florida.

The afternoon thunderstorms which frequent the area, forced us to fly as early in the morning as possible and the weather was hazy with patchy clouds. The conditions actually lent to some great backdrops for the Chieftain to fly over.

Check the pics below, and if you'd like to get your plane photographed reach out to us with a quick message.